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Amanda BatistaOpera at Florham Vocal Competition 2023 winner

Amanda Batista


Amanda Batista, soprano  |  2023  

Chelsea Lehnea, soprano  |  2022  

Alexandra Razskazoff, soprano  |  2019  

Emmett O'Hanlon, baritone  |  2018  

Alexandra Nowakowski, soprano  |  2017  

Andre Courville, bass-baritone  |  2016  


Opera at Florham mourns the passing of Stephen DeMaio, Vocal Comptition artistic director and benefactor. Read more...


Soon after the founding of Opera at Florham in 1982, its flagship activity, the Opera at Florham International Vocal Competition Honoring Violetta DuPont was established in 1987 in honor of OaF’s benefactor and co-founder, Violetta DuPont, for her vision and tireless commitment over a span of 25 years. Viewed in the music industry as an important competition in North America, OaF’s vocal competition offers a selection of prizes up to $14,000 to qualified entrants who demonstrate exceptional talent in the operatic art form.. 

In the final round, the public is invited to watch 8-10 extraordinary young singers pursuing opera careers perform arias before a celebrated collection of jurists.

The Vocal Competition was designed to project the mission of OaF by creating opportunities, growth, development, and support for young professional singers on the threshold of promising operatic careers. This support is manifested in three ways:

Prize Awards

Three Grand Prizes are awarded: 1st $5,000, 2nd $3,000, and 3rd $1,500 and $2,500 in encouragement awards. Special prizes are often presented.

Exposure to Industry Professionals

During the day-long process, industry professionals and consultants are invited to the proceedings, both as adjudicators, invited agent artists, managers, and VIP’S. Participants both sing and interact with these professionals and often develop ongoing relationships beyond the event.

Awarding of Future Roles

Opera at Florham attempts to continue the relationship with selected winners of the competition by offering those artists roles to perform in public in future concerts produced by the company, thus making the relationship both immediate and ongoing. Many previous finalists are now on the rosters of the Metropolitan Opera, New York, and other companies around the world.

The competition process is two-fold: preliminary live listening before jurists only, and the final selection at the Vocal Competition open to the public. Entrants, age 21-35, submit an application which includes the entrant’s resume and recommendations. The preliminary round can attract over 100 entrants. The preliminaries are traditionally held in New York City where the jury selects 8-10 finalists to compete in the finals at a public forum in New Jersey before a celebrated collection of jurists. Jurists have included, in the past, famed opera singers Licia Albanese and Jerome Hines.

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