All of our musicales include an educational component - an informative introduction to the songs, the performers and to the world of opera at large. In addition to performing at Fairleigh Dickinson University, our singers and music educators visit outside organizations presenting opera selections, recitals and lectures. 


We are proud of our commitment to the community. Our programs keep the opera art form alive and accessible to people of all backgrounds, education, and ages. We regularly provide outreach concerts for seniors, students, and underserved communities. We offer discounted rates to seniors and students, group rates, parking for buses, handicap accessible facilities and a parking shuttle. We work with schools, senior living communities and social organizations to facilitate attendance at our venues in Madison and Morristown, and we'll bring performances to you! 




In this KPBS documentary, Martin Scorsese reveals the story of a single performance in 1826 that forever changed America's cultural landscape with the introduction of Italian opera to New York City – an event Mozart's great librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte helped orchestrate. ENJOY!

The Joy of Opera Lectures

The essence of opera is the MUSIC by which the genius of a composer translates all the words, actions, thoughts and emotions of a drama

and its characters into the most understandable language of the SOUL!

Through the Opera at Florham outreach program, Music Educator Lou Barrella and other opera experts open up the world of opera to the public through recorded musical excerpts, video selections and narrative. Enjoy an experience of intellectual stimulation and musical pleasure that everyone can relate to.

Let us arrange an Opera at Florham lecture  for you.

Contact us at 973-443-8620 or info@operaatflorham.org.

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In the Schools

In January 2020, board member, narrator, vocal coach, and FDU music teacher Mariana Karpatova took opera out into the community when she spoke and sang with the Select Choir at Ridgedale Middle School.

Let us know how we can enrich the music experience at your school!


One of the ways Opera at Florham fulfills its mission to educate the general public and in particular young people about opera is to offer background, stories

and narration by experts from the world of opera at musicales and outreach concerts. Our narrators include Opera at Florham's

Artistic Director Mary Pinto, Fairleigh Dickinson University vocal instructor Mariana Karpatova, music educator Lou Barrella, and the singers themselves. 


The Joy of Opera: A Reflection of Life

In  2019 at the Madison Library, Music Educator Lou Barrella delivered an opera history and appreciation lecture with music and video. 

A Tribute to Licia Albanese

In 2019, Opera at Florham presented a special Tribute to Opera Legend Licia Albanese with four vocalists and pianist Mary Pinto captivating the audience as they performed famous and favorite roles of opera great Licia Albanese, a friend to and Vocal Competition jurist at OaF. A personalized audio-video presentation highlighted her life and career, and on display was memorabilia and personal reflections of times spent with Ms. Albanese.


Opera at Florham has curated a special version of this Musicale for outreach. 

Bringing Opera to the Chathams

In 2019 , soprano Mia Pafumi and jazz pianist Gil Scott Chapman performed a program of opera and the American songbook at the Senior Center of the Chathams.


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Opera at Canal Walk

On an evening in 2019, soprano Amelia Burshe, mezzo-soprano Kathleen Shelton, tenor Frederick Schlick and baritone Matthew Ciuffitelli performed A Little Night Music for the Canal Walk concert series at Canal Walk adult living facility. Artistic director Mary Pinto narrated and accompanied the artists on piano.


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