May 1, 2022 



Extraordinary young singers pursuing careers as vocal artists competed for prizes totaling $14,500 in this final round of the 32nd Annual International Vocal Competition honoring Violetta DuPont. The public was invited to watch ten finalists demonstrate exceptional talent in the operatic art form before a celebrated collection of jurists. Each contestant sang two arias accompanied on piano by Artistic Director, Mary Pinto.​

Chealsea Lehnea soprano 2020 Opera at Florham Vocal Comp 1st winner
Lisa ROgali mezzo-soprano 2nd Opera at Florham Vocal Competition 2022.jpg
Shanley Horvitz soprano 3rd Opera at Florham Vocal Competition 2022
Yue Wu bass6th Opera at Florham Vocal Competition 2022
Shaina Martinez soprano 5th Opera at Florham Vocal Competition 2022.jpg
Seonho Yu baritone 4th Opera at Florham Vocal Competition 2022.jpg

Pictured top left clockwise


First prize $5,000 donated by Marty Jeiven, former OAF Board member and Vocal Competition supporter. Winner:  Chelsea Lehnea, soprano

Second prize $3,000 donated by Joe DuPont, in honor of his mother, Violetta, OAF co-founder and Vocal Competition founder. Winner:  Lisa Rogali, mezzo-soprano

Third prize $2,000 donated by an Anonymous donor, in honor of Violetta DuPont. Winner:  Shanley Horvitz, soprano

Fourth prize $1,500 donated by Marty Jeiven. Winner:  Seonho Yu, baritone

Fifth Prize $1,000 The Dr. Lorine Buffington Summers Memorial Prize presented by the Lodato Family. Winner:  Shaina Martinez, soprano

Sixth Prize $1,000:  donated by Marty Jeiven. Winner:  Yue Wu, baritone

Encouragement Awards of $400.00 donated by Marty Jeiven and Barbara Ann Testa (separate awards to four non-winner finalists): Brian Murray, baritone; Alec Carlson, tenor; Yejin Lee, soprano; Elizaveta Ulakhovich, soprano


top row:  Chelsea Lehnea soprano, Seonho Yu baritone, Shaina Martinez soprano


middle row:  Yue Wu bass, Shanley Horvitz mezzo-soprano, Bryan Murray baritone, Elizaveta Ulakhovich soprano


bottom row:  Yejin Lee soprano, Lisa Rogali mezzo-soprano, Alec Carlson tenor.

Auditions were held at the Columbus Citizens Foundation in NYC on April 21-22.

Opera at Florham Vocal Competition 2022.jpg


Barbara Ann Testa

Scott Barnes

Ken Benson

Cynthia Munzer

James Thurmond Smithgall (auditions)

Lou Barrella (Finals)

James Thurmand Smithgall jurist.jpg
LouBarrella opera horiz.jpg


Marty Jeiven

Joseph DuPont in honor of his mother Violetta DuPont, founder of the OaF Vocal Competition

Barbara Ann Testa, Opera at Florham Trustee and Jurist

The Lodato Family in honor of Joseph Lodato's Vocal teacher Dr. Lorine Buffington-Summers

Anonymous members of the Opera At Florham Board and Patrons