No area of the organization Opera at Florham remains untouched by Violetta Pollara DuPont.

In 1982, Violetta DuPont co-founded Opera at Florham at the Fairleigh Dickinson University Madison campus as an extension of FDU's Music Department under the guidance of its Chair, Dr. Charles Del Rosso. In 1987, the Opera at Florham Vocal Competition was established by the Opera Guild to honor Violetta DuPont for her vision and her tireless work on behalf of OaF. The Guild acted in concert with the OaF mission - Violetta's vision - to provide young artists on the threshold of promising careers with the opportunities to gain role and stage experiences and to advance their careers through a variety of programs. 


Since then, Opera at Florham has provided the community with world-class, affordable performances by professionally trained operatic vocalists in a variety of settings: Opera recitals, called Musicales, fully staged Operas with orchestra, semi-staged Operas in concert, an annual Vocal Competition, and outreach programs.


Everyone connected with Opera at Florham has learned lessons from Violetta in the value of work, cooperation, acceptance and patience. Violetta has honored the community, the campus, the Opera at Florham family - staff, volunteers and performers - with the exceptional cultural environment which she made possible.


Violetta Pollara DuPont celebrated her 100th birthday on April 7, 2012 and attended that year’s Vocal Competition. She died June 8, 2012. Her legacy continues with Opera at Florham. 

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