Opera at Florham, founded in 1982 at the College of Florham, Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ, was initially an extension of FDU's Music Department under the guidance of its chair Charles Del Rosso. In addition to providing musicales in the drawing room (Lenfell Hall) of the Mansion, OaF performed two annual operas at the campus' Dreyfuss Theater. The operas involved FDU students in singing roles and as members of the orchestra performing alongside local and New York City professional artists.


In 1995, OaF became a separate, incorporated, 501(c)(3) non-profit which continues to be affiliated with the University. We are honored and privileged to continue in residence at FDU in Madison where we perform our musicales in Lenfell Hall, offer lectures and catered lunches in Hartman Lounge and utilize FDU's office / meeting space and support services. FDU students help out part time with OaF operations.

A member of the FDU Music Department sits on our Board, and FDU students, along with our professional opera singers, perform at the holiday concert. 

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